Executive Recruitment


ML Consulting offer companies the choice of recruiting from either in country or internationally whichever route will provide the best candidate. Their specialist staff have access to international clients and can provide a turnkey service to get the candidates recruited and into the UK

Immigration requirements are constantly changing, relocating families, finding schools and housing can be problematic for individuals.

At ML Consulting International we provide a complete package – we help you understand the local market, recruit the right candidate,  handle immigration and visa issues, locate accommodation and schools and move your employee seamlessly from their current location to you.

We specialise in three key areas:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare Communications
  • Fintech

Our offices are located strategically to offer UK employers access to university educated, experienced and motivated employees in the key areas.

Romania is becoming a world class technology hub, with a history of academic computer research and has already produced global tech success stories from automation specialists like UiPath, Cybersecurity companies like Bitdefender and has attracted investment from Oracle, IBM and Facebook. The Romanian tech talent pool can be attracted to the UK.

London is the financial centre of the world and we have a database of talent from investment banking, hedge funds and the Fintech industry who are motivated to move internationally.

ML Consulting always work on a contingency basis; if we fail to recruit the right candidate for you there is no charge. We also only base our fee commission on basic salary, we do not include bonuses or any other payments – this makes ML Consulting extremely competitive.